Your one stop retirement shop


Retirement Analysis and Consultation

Retirement Care Solutions offers a complimentary 1 hour consultation and completion of a retirement and care questionnaire.

Downsizing Strategies

The completion of the questionnaire allows us ascertain the most suitable type of communities and location you require for your new home.

Preparing the home for sale

Retirement Care Solutions will come to your home and will discuss if your home is market ready or whether there are odd jobs that need attention.

For Sale Research Service

Retirement Care Solutions will do the relevant market analysis of your home and discuss current market trends in your area.

Financial and Estate Planning

Retirement Care Solutions has a team of Financial Advisers who specialise in Aged Care and provide the expertise that many of our clients and their families will need to assist them in the decision making process.

Decluttering and Removalist Services

Retirement Care Solutions will discuss with you which items of furniture, keepsakes and crockery you wish to keep and take to your new home and which ones that are no longer needed.

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