Downsizing strategy

For many Australian seniors, one of the steps to an enjoyable retirement lifestyle involves downsizing to a smaller home. Whether for financial reasons or lifestyle choices, downsizing can be a challenging process. At Retirement Care Solutions we help you break your transition down into smaller, more manageable steps:

Clarify your goals – is your move financial, or lifestyle based, or both? If you determine now is a good time to sell your home in terms of financial gain, but then you maximise your profit by buying into an apartment block, this may be counterintuitive to the relaxed and peaceful retirement lifestyle you long for. Our experienced staff will help you determine your main downsizing goal, and then plan the steps to achieving it.

Careful planning – Using a personalised downsizing checklist we will help you to plan each stage of the process, from the pre-move stage and paperwork, to decluttering and packing, resulting in a smooth and stress-free moving day.

Financing the process – we will assist you to obtain unbiased, relevant advice from real estate agents, accountants and financial advisors. Our aim is that you will neither buy nor sell in haste without being appropriately informed. We also stay up to date with government incentives offered to seniors to assist with downsizing.

Compromise – Reality is that you may not get to tick all the boxes than you want in your next move, however we will help you to become aware about what you are willing to compromise with your downsize, to help you settle on a new home you are happy with.

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