Care Solutions – Features and Benefits

Service Features Benefits Outcomes
Initial Client Set Up Meeting Identify our Client specifically needs and wants from the membership Person centred Solutions to achieve clients Satisfied client with needs and wants to be met
Monthly Savvy Solutions Newsletter Relevant information for our seniors and their carers/loved ones Knowledge and education Clients who will be able to make well informed and educated decisions
Weekly Online Grocery Order Support Convenience for both client and carer/loved one Peace of Mind regardless of circumstance our clients can have their shopping delivered Ease the burden of shopping for themselves and carers/loved ones
Weekly Service Booking Support Similar to above
One-on-One Care Call Weekly A friendly check in, non-intrusive way to ensure our clients are ok and identify if any concerns Rapport building, trust with our staff, peace of mind of carers/loved ones Ability to identify any concerns and instigate a course of action to mitigate further issues or decline
Monthly Coffee & Chat Meet up (including Guest Presenter) Social/Companionship, Education, Empowerment Reduce self-isolation, depression and anxiety to be with likeminded people Education Happier and healthier seniors
Monthly Lucky Draw & Birthday Recognition Recognition of their special day Acknowledgment that no matter their age they are still special to us Happy clients
Quarterly Support for review and updates to MyGov / My Aged Care / Centrelink / DVA data Regular reviews with an expert, ensuring it is done right the first time every time Peace of Mind, reduce time and anxiety dealing with Govt departments, no more waiting and queues Achieving client’s correct entitlements
Home Care Package Management Reasonable & necessary – clients have choice and control and value for money Additional funding available for personal choice Freedom to choose and more control over when and where to spend funding for Home Care Package Happy and satisfied clients Hopefully, turning them into raving fans
Residential Care One-one-One Visit Monthly” Support for both the resident and the loved ones
Independent reporting of resident’s lifestyle and ongoing care
Peace of Mind for loved ones See the true picture of residents homelife More transparency for loved ones who aren’t able to visit regularly and accountability for the facility

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